Poem On Wedding Night

Poem on wedding night !

My joy touched mountainous height
On my first wedding night

They call it honey moon,
Which we were to observe soon.

At midnight I entered the room
With my handsome bride groom.

He closed the door, from inside
And kissed me, that is his bride.

Sitting on the bed he asked me to come
Out of shame, I kept mum.

As if I were dead
He pulled me on the bed.

With a smile he gazed at me
I put my head on knee.

I was to lift my head
And lie on the bed.

I did it accordingly
he took it smilingly,

Lying alongside, he touched my thigh
And left a deep sigh.

He is surveying my body, with eyes and touch
With which, he appeared to be amused much.

He began showering kisses
And said “How beautiful is my Mrs.”

He drew me nearer and nearer
I am experiencing fear and terror.

Do all men do this?
Love, embrace and kiss.

He embraced me with love
And lifted me above.

His heart is beating on one side,
and mine on other side.

His kisses were warm,
And full of charm.

Putting hands on my hips,
He tasted my lips.

So far in the past,
My blood never ran so fast.

I blushed a lot,
Besides feeling hot.

Then a moment came,
I felt much shame.

He was busy like bees,
And pulled saree over my knees.

On the spot,there was no hair,
As I removed it with a shear.

His hands are moving thigh to cunt,
Which I felt like electric current.

His action made me warm and bold,
Soon his penis was in my hold.

I took his organ in my hand,
Which was warm like desert sand.

He stared at my legs,
Just as a pauper begs.

He compared them with pine,
More charming and more fine.

He looked me very smart,
At the very start.

He was mad,
And I was glad.

He pulled my saree more,
But could not reach the shore.

The knot was tight
To open, he had to fight.

Then he attacked the upper part,
Which was breast guard.

He held above the breast very tight,
With pain, I cried slight.

He cared not for my pain,
And went on like an insane.

After removing the brassiers, he found
My breasts, pointed and round.

He pressed them hard, neglecting my shout
My delicate breasts were not out.

I raised an alarm again,
But I felt charm in pain.

Neglecting my cries, he continued
It was difficult to change his attitude.

He told me to ” bear the pain and do not mind,
At the moment I am blind.

Putting mouth on the nipples, he began to suck
And called it essential before fuck.

I was naked as I was born
All the clothes were thrown.

I was naked from head to feet
He praised me , clear and neat.

He also removed his cloth,
Naked we were both.

Lenghthy and thick was his prick,
Not less than a bamboo stick.

He was looking at his penis,
With delight and eagerness.

He clung to me,
Like a snake on tree.

He stared at my cunt,
Which he was next to hunt.

In this war, my cunt would burst,
And he was to quench with thirst.

Subsequent strokes were
Harder and harder.

In a few strokes my hymen was painfully torn,
And the block on the road was easily shorn.

Then his prick was into its full length,
I was wondering about his strength.

I now enjoyed the game,
There was no pain and shame.

I asked to put the whole prick inside
He said” It is already in, nothing is outside”.

I was now not coward
Moving my hand backward and forward.

He was also performing his role,
And put his finger in my hole.

He then stopped his act,
What he will do, I knew the act.

My cunt was hot like fire,
Being woman, I could not express my desire.

After a while I became more sexy,
Flexy and vexy.

He then lifted my legs high,
And put his on the thigh.

There was movement in my clitoris,
As if inviting his penis.

With the fingers the last way divided
And desiring, I could not get freightened.

He placed his penis on it
And gave a light jerk to fit.

As a part of axis entered
Here, now our attention centered.

Our legs entangled with each other,
Before progressing further.

It was like a hidden treasure,
Which gave me a heavenly pleasure.

He held me tight in his arms,
His kisses were ruthless and warm.

He caught my tongue with his teeth,
And pressed my chin length.

On my level he cast a kiss
And called it a thing never to miss.

His prick was in full erection,
Moving in upward and downward direction.

With strength he pushed his penis in my hole,
Which has shaked my body and soul.

Please be soft, I made humble requests,
He said” false culprit, the policeman arrrests”.

Before coitus, i could never imagine,
How such a lenghty lump would fit in.

But now I found his penis short in size,
Undoubtedly, after experience one is wise.

From pain, I was freed,
And he was fucking with speed.

He was fucking much faster,
With joy I clung to my master.

Then he gave a last but strong jerk,
Which meant, he finished his work.

At last he reached to his peak,
And attained what he wanted to seek.

The penis poured fluid in my hole,
Which was real satisfaction to my soul.

He kept lying upon me silently,
But slipped after a while, though reluctently.

A lot blood has spilled
On my cunt, his penis and bed.

I asked him to where from the blood came,
He told “It is the out come of the game”.

It does come during first inter course,
Whether one is fucked softly or with force.

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