Shraddha Kapoor Talents List – She Can Look This Too

Well, she can act, sing, dance and what not. But recently, she started showing that she can look as h0t as it can be.
Though young actress Shraddha Kapoor had recently announced her plans to move out of her parents house, she isn’t sure when it’s going to be actually possible. She has been shooting for her projects back-to-back and any free time is gone towards promoting her film.
She says, “I haven’t yet moved out but I am planning to. I am currently looking for places but I haven’t really found anything interesting as yet. I would like it to be preferably in and around my parents’s place but it also depends on if or not I like the house.” She lists out her top three priorities, “First criteria is close to home, second is that the place must have a nice view and third is that it has to be a nice building in a good society.”
Well, I am not so sure that her parents will feel safe once she moves out of the house.

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